Things You Need To Do In Your 20s

Your twenty-somethings are the prime of your life. You will never be as young as you are right now, and there will never be a better time for you to embrace all that the world has to offer than this age of freedom. Yes, freedom. Forget about the accusations that millenials are lazy, unmotivated and lack drive.

We all have growing dreams, previous accomplishments under our belts and an ever present sense of urgency to achieve exactly what we want. Your 20s aren’t an excuse to give up on dreams and let go of ambitions. Instead, these years are the time to put it in full throttle and hit the ground running to set yourself up for future success and happiness. If you’ve ever doubted yourself, now’s the time to let go of insecurities and uncertainties.

Here are the 20 things you need to do in your 20s:

Be you.

Your 20s are the perfect time to find yourself, if you haven’t already. Take some time to be on your own and learn about yourself, and most importantly, learn to love yourself. Be unique! Don’t try to fit the mold and blend in with everyone else. Be sexy; be bold. Make your presence known.


Blunt and to the point. Don’t let your struggles define you, but let them happen. Misfortunes make you a better person through the lessons they instill. Troubles will come and go; they are not everlasting. If you’re struggling through tough times, things will only get better.

Eat whatever the f*ck you want.

Screw the diet fads and constant pressure to look like the skinniest models on the runway. Working hard to become healthy and get into shape is one thing, but relax with the strict dieting. Eat whatever you want, and don’t think twice about it. You will not gain ten pounds because you ate that delicious chocolate chip muffin this morning. Food is good. Indulge in a little gluttony sometimes.
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Date someone completely wrong for you.

Dating is fun! Don’t fear blind dates, or people that don’t fit “your type.” Go out with someone unexpected and see what happens. You could fall in love with that one quality that you never really noticed. You might be surprised at just whom you fall for. Even if you end up turned off and bored with the person, at least you have a funny story to tell.

Do something purely for the thrill, and maybe more than once.

Be a thrill seeker; don’t play it safe. The feeling of excitement is fun and enjoyable. Take some risks, and don’t fear the result. Sometimes going out on a limb and diving into a thrill-seeking experience makes for the best memories. You might not get enough and want to do it again. Just remember — depending on the risk you take — everything is best in moderation.

Keep moving.

Your 20s are definitely not the time to settle. Keep moving; do not slow down for anyone or anything. When you settle down in a certain relationship or way of living, life becomes stagnant and soon enough, less exciting. Keep moving to keep up with the quality of life that you deserve in your 20s.

Travel the world.

There is nothing more rewarding or fulfilling than traveling. Travel the world; explore unfamiliar territory. Soaking up new cultures is one of the best learning experiences, and it opens your eyes to the quality of life in different areas around the world. You might always have time for travel, but there is no better time to explore with all the freedom in the world than in your 20s. Who knows, you might even come across a place that steals your heart away and you’ll never want to leave.

Love your parents, thank them and repay them.

Your parents have been the guiding force to your current place in life. Love them for all that they have done for you up to this point because you will hopefully be taking a stronger lead in your life, specifically financially. Thank them for all the times they supported you financially, or personally, despite any poor decisions you may have made in the past.

Most importantly, your parents expect nothing from you in return for all that they have attributed to your growth as an individual, but take it upon yourself to repay them in any way you might see fit.

Bruce Willis, father again at 57 years

Emma Heming, Bruce Willis’s wife gave birth to a girl of 4.1 kg. Thus, the actor became a father for the fourth time: the star has three daughters with ex-wife, actress Demi Moore.

Bruce Willis’s daughter, born Sunday, was named Mabel Ray. It is the fourth child actor, who has three daughters: the Rumer, 23 years, Scout, 20, and Tallulah, 18, ??all ex-wife, Demi Moore.

Bruce did not necessarily want to have kids with Emma Heming, current wife, he at one point saying that all he wants is to be with Emma, who is married to March 2009. Emma is a model and actress, born in Malta, aged 33 years.

“I wish I had a thousand children or none. I do not care. Emma makes me feel great,” said the actor recently

Motorcyclist dies in crash west of Lantana

A person has been killed tonight in a crash involving a motorcycle and a car west of Lantana, authorities said.

The fatal wreck occurred at the intersection of Lantana Road and Jog Road, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Teri Barbera said.

Radio dispatch reports indicate that Palm Beach County Fire Rescue paramedics responded shortly after 8:30 p.m., but pronounced the motorcycle’s driver dead at the scene.

No other details were immediately available.

The picture that has horrified Italy

At least eight people were killed and 30 were injured after a failed cruise ship off the coast of Italy and began to sink!

Italian authorities have started Friday night to force a rescue action after Costa Concordia luxury vessel collided with a sandbank, near the island of Gilio, located near the shores of Tuscany.

Over 4,000 people were on board the boat which began to lean heavily on one side. Eight people were killed

Solomon Islands, shaken by an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6

A 6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred Monday near the Santa Cruz Islands, Solomon Islands in the Pacific, said the American Institute of Geological Survey, but was not issued any tsunami alert.

The quake occurred at 15.00 (06.00 GMT) at a depth of 38 kilometers and 350 kilometers east of Kirakira, the main town on the large island of the archipelago, Makira, according to USGS.

Center alert in case of tsunami in the Pacific, based in Hawaii, said that for now “there is no significant tsunami threat and destruction.”

Three Train Collision And Fire Video In Indiana

Three freight trains collided in a rural part of the U.S. state of Indiana, starting a fire and injuring two of the six crew members involved. One of the trains, carrying mostly empty ethanol tanks, was stationary when it was hit in the back by another.

A third then ran into derailed carriages on the parallel track. Local officials said there was no spill of any hazardous material from the wreck. Nevertheless, they ordered the evacuation of several dozen houses near the crash site as a precaution.

No injuries reported but two crew members hospitalized.

A collision of three CSX Transportation trains caused a massive chemical fire and possible hazardous chemical spill Friday afternoon in northwest Indiana, according to published reports.

No fatalities were reported. Two crew members were taken to the hospital, but law enforcement officials said their injuries aren’t life-threatening, according to the Chicago Tribune. They were listed in stable condition, a hospital spokesman told CBS Chicago.

The newspaper reported one freight train was stopped for an unknown reason when a second train moving westbound struck it from behind. The third train traveling westbound on separate tracks could not avoid the two derailed trains and crashed into them, a source told the newspaper.

Most expensive tuna ever sells for $750,000

A bluefin tuna, bought for nearly three-quarters of a million US dollars has been sliced up and served to eager customers at a Japanese restaurant in Tokyo. The tuna, caught off northeastern Japan fetched a record 56.49 million yen, (about 736,000 US dollars,) on Thursday in the first auction of the year at Tokyo’s Tsukiji fish market. The price for the 269-kilogramme (593-pound) tuna beat last year’s record of 32.49 million yen (around 420,000 US dollars.)

Though the fish is undoubtedly high quality, the price has more to do with the celebratory atmosphere that surrounds the first auction of the year. The winning bidder was Kiyoshi Kimura, the president of Kiyomura Co. which operates a nationwide sushi restaurant chain called Sushi-zanmai. The best slices of fatty bluefin, called “o-toro” in Japan, can sell for 2,000 yen (24 US dollars) per piece at Tokyo sushi bars. But the restaurant chain is offering the tuna at its usual price of 418 yen (around 5.44 US dollars) for an “o-toro”, and cheaper for other less fatty parts of the tuna. With a long queue of customers circling the block around the restaurant, Kimura has limited orders to just one piece per person.

The tuna was caught off Oma, in Aomori prefecture just north of the coast that was battered by the March 11 tsunami. Japan eats 80 percent of the Atlantic and Pacific bluefins caught, the most sought-after by sushi lovers. Japanese fishermen, however, face growing calls for tighter fishing rules amid declining tuna stocks worldwide.

Video: He died or not died Fidel Castro

A photo that made it around the Internet in recent days shows on Fidel Castro, former leader of Cuba, lying on the nasal. Fidel Castro has died? As news of Cuba come with greed, denial came from a famous blogger: Fidel Castro says he is having fun at the expense of rumors on Twitter.

“Fidel Castro study, analyze and laugh at the rumors on Twitter. CIA tried to kill over 700 times, and Twitter following the same path,” said blogger Yohandr. He made ??a “break” in its year-end holiday for denied rumors about the health of Fidel Castro and says that “2012 will be a year of great movement in Cuba”, noted Tuesday.

Fidel Castro sent letters of congratulations and best wishes for 2012

The latest photos he published official site Cubadebate dates during the reception held at the residence or Venezuelan journalist Mario Silva, came on 8 September.

Cuban television said on Monday that Fidel Castro had sent letters of congratulations and best wishes for 2012 Cuban doctors on mission in Bolivia. He wished Friday “speedy recovery” of a famous local baseball player suffered an accident.

Fidel Castro, who 86 years fulfill this year, withdrew from the forefront of Cuban political life for years in favor of his brother Raul due to ill health. Retired to his home in western Havana, he devoted writing “reflections” on its international topics, published by official media and rarely receives visits from foreign dignitaries. Last was the Haitian President Michel Martelly on 18 November.

Economy: Iran’s oil imports will be banned

EU countries have agreed to ban oil imports from Iran, pressuring Tehran to abandon its nuclear program. Ad embargo oil prices rose to scholarship and probably will affect, in some countries, fuel prices at the pump!

EU governments have not decided when it will be put in place the embargo, but the information provided by EU diplomats led to increased oil prices and gold. Brent oil prices, the reference to the London Stock Exchange, was traded at GMT 4:14 p.m. up 92 cents, after a maximum of $ 113.97 per barrel session, the highest level reached after 14 November.

EU is the second market for Iran

Some European countries are concerned about the economic impact of the embargo, at a time when Europe is struggling with the problem of sovereign debt. Iran supplies about 450,000 of EU barrels of oil per day, the Union is the second largest market for Iranian oil after China.

Energy Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said that if Iran’s oil imports will be banned, the Union will be able to supply from elsewhere, especially in Saudi Arabia.

Since no one knows when it will apply the embargo

European embargo will be part of a concerted action: Many governments are concerned that Iran produces nuclear weapons, which is rejected by the Iranian authorities. The United States imposed new sanctions on January 1, which excludes the U.S. financial system banks working with the Central Bank of Iran, thereby blocking the main source of payment for Iranian oil.

European diplomats have said that they discuss the banning of exports of oil equipment to Iran and new measures against oil deliveries. They said that if the embargo is still being discussed Iranian oil imports to be applied immediately after approval or after a few months.