What will happen on November 11, 2011 at 11.11?

Over several days, with 49 minutes before lunch, people across the globe will cross a very special moment: at 11.11, on the 11th of 2011.

Every year, around the time of 11.11, buzzing astrologers, numerology associations seeking the most bizarre and out apocalipsele prophets from naphthalene. In 2011, the situation is even more hectic, and year since its structure contains the number 11.

Numerology, metaphysicians and scholars launched a theory that the entire population will be seen a “revival” globally, and even opens a portal that will transport us into another dimension.

Obviously, there may be missing profiteers. Those who want to try their luck on 11 November have the chance to win 11 million euros for that Spanish lottery, known as other than ONCE (translated: eleven) put on the line 11 prizes of one million euros.

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