Alaska, threatened by a severe storm from the Bering Sea

An extremely dangerous storm from Wednesday to reach the west coast of Alaska, with gusts of strong wind and waves, according to National Weather Service U.S..

In some areas, wind gusts could reach hurricane intensity, with up to 128 km / h, according to Stephen Kearney, a CNN meteorologist. In the city of Nome, with about 3,700 inhabitants, sea level would rise by up to 2.5 meters above normal, and the waves can reach three feet tall, he added.

People in Nome who live in areas lower on the coast were urged to seek shelter elsewhere, said Chip Leeper, an official of the local government, but not covered discharges “must”. Storm expected to cross Chukotsk Peninsula and will go, starting Wednesday, to the northwest, the Chukchi Sea, according to meteorologists.

Widespread flooding and erosion of the beach are expected in several areas, including the Bay Norton Sound. Although storms are common in this region, this storm especially worries the officials because of anticipated flooding in the coastal zone. Usually, the most affected are the Aleutian Islands, less populated. U.S. Coast Guard said it mobilized helicopters for intervention. Also, a fishing trawler, Rebecca Irene, lost an engine in the Bering Sea and the Coast Guard is prepared to evacuate nonessential personnel on board, said the institution in a statement.